Abstract Paintings In Seaport, Boston


My solo exhibit “ Seagrass in the Atrium” at the Boston Courthouse in Seaport,  will be on Thursday, May 23rd 4:30- 6PM, 2024. The exhibition features a selection of paintings that explore different aspects of seagrass, from  how seagrass slows down wave action, its ability to clean the water column. On this special occasion, I am thrilled to announce the MIT’s Dr. Julie Simpson will also join us with a presentation on how Boston Harbor has changed over the years and it’s impact on seagrass. 

Seagrass In the Atrium

Abstract Seagrass Paintings in Seaport, Boston

May 1-June 1, 2024

Opening Reception:

Thursday, May 23rd, 4:30-6PM

Guest Ecologist Talk: Dr. Phil Colarusso  5-5:20PM

The Atrium, 2nd Floor

John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse

1 Courthouse Way

Boston, MA 02210

tel: 617.261.2440