Connecting Worlds – The Piano Craft Gallery


The Piano Craft Gallery presents Connecting Worlds:  an exhibition which explores through color and abstract art forms ways in which we’re linked to each other and the world around us. Through the work of two Boston artists, using distinct methodologies, straight-line geometrical work and gestural strokes, both exude passion, mastery of their craft, beauty, and artistry. On display this month is a not to be missed emotionally alluring, color packed, and personally moving exhibit.

Nedret Andre & Todd Brugman

Two Person Show

Show Dates: September 13th, 2019 – September 30th, 2019

Gallery Hours: Friday 6-8PM & Saturday 12:00-5:00PM

Opening Reception: Friday September 13th, 2019  6-10PM


Piano Craft Gallery

793 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02118