Drew’s Early Memories of Seagrass


“You walked us over to your paintings and started talking to us about seagrass and the importance it had on the ocean and the environment as a whole. I did not know much about the impact that it had on the ocean, I just knew seagrass from my childhood trips down to Cape Cod with my family. I remember going over the Bourne Bridge and the 10 seconds of excitement, knowing I had a week down at the beach coming up. My dad used to take me crabbing when we were down the cape. Not anything crazy, we had two nets and a bucket and walked through the ocean looking for crabs. It was always a great experience and something I looked forward to all the time. One of the best spots that we would go to was a seagrass filled area where tons of crabs would hang out. We would chase after them and catch them with our nets. Most of the time they would get away but sometimes, we were able to catch some. Once we called it a day we would have a bucket full of crabs and bring them to a spot in the beach for them to race back to the ocean. We would always pick who we thought would win the race. All of those memories came flooding back when you first started talking to me about seagrass and how it is dying at an alarming rate. The idea of my childhood memories being just memories and not something that I can look forward to recreating with my children is something that does not sit right with me. I love the message that you are trying to get out and support it fully.”