Enso Gallery Poetry Slam, April 1, 2017





Thank you Harvard University’s Barnabas Daru for sharing your scientific knowledge on Seagrass. So grateful for everyone that came out on a snowy Saturday afternoon. I was not sure what to expect since this was my first poetryslam/seagrass event but it was brilliant. Such wonderful voices from Brockton sharing their stories and insights. The amazing questions and dialogue was truly transformative!

Thank you Cierra Peterson, Bradley Souffrant, Shyhima, Carter, Daniel hrs, Seefour Calogano, Eddy Fong Jr, Whyse Clerdonna -kenzy and everyone else that came out!!!

For some weird reason, I can’t download the video footage, so for the actual poetry and songs please check out: Poetry


Barnabas Daru’s seagrass presentation








Daniel Krs sharing his words
Interesting discussions with Kennzy, Barnabas & Jeff


Shyhima Carter and her poetry
See four Calogano singing, check out poetry link above to hear!


Kenny chillin’

By the end of the day we recycled my show postcards and made them letters to congress people:

With this message:

“I urge you to support clean water, clean air and healthy communities. Please reject any attempts to weaken or dismantle our most important protections, and to oppose budget cuts to EPA and other agencies, that would threaten our water, air and climate.

Please oppose attacks on:
• The Clean Water Rule, which protects drinking water sources for more than 117 million Americans;
• The Clean Power Plan, which is vital in our fight against climate pollution; and
• EPA’s budget for putting laws into action to protect health and natural resources and responding to crises, such as lead contamination.

I urge you to stand with people, not polluters. Please oppose efforts to undermine protections for our nation’s air, land, water or wildlife.


Emails can also be sent to Senators  Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey by clicking below:





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