The Air We Breathe at Beacon Gallery

The Air We Breathe, is a collection of new paintings and sculptures that explore how seagrass, cyanobacteria and algae in the oceans gives us 70% of our oxygen. 

This solo exhibition at Beacon Gallery will be on view from November 3 to January 8, 2023 and will focus on the importance and fragility of seagrass and its role within our ecosystem, particularly how seagrass preservation is connected to our everyday lifestyle decisions, through a series of abstract paintings and sculptures.


The Air We Breathe at Beacon Gallery

November 3, 2022- January 8th, 2023


Thursday, Dec. 1st | 6 pm: Seagrass and Community Building through Art and Environmental Activism

What happens when you invite marine ecologists, non-profits, artists, and activists to all get together: A whole lot of fun!  Join us for our informal chat about the importance of our oceans. 

Find out how seagrass diversity affects marine ecology with Randall Hughes. Or how seagrass beds are doing over the last decade in Duxbury, Kingston, and Plymouth with Sara Grady. Samantha Woods will highlight the joy involved in rolling our sleeves up to preserve our natural habitats. 

Maybe you get some cool ideas about what an amazing habitat seagrass is, or you gather a few ideas of your own to spread awareness, or you just marvel at the mysteries of cellular level plant life:) 

We are honored to feature guest speaker Samantha Woods, Executive Director of the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, Sara Grady, Ecologist at Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Partnership and North and South Rivers Watershed Association, and Dr. Randall Hughes, Professor in the Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences (MES) and Associate Dean for Equity at Northeastern University. Each guest will bring with them

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Sunday, Dec. 11th | SOWA Winter Festival

11 am Become Seagrass; Bubbles MakerSpace

If you have ever wondered how it feels to be “like seagrass”, making oxygen bubbles, join us for making wire sculptures  in the installation room

2 pm Talk & Gallery Tour with the Artist

Learn why I love seagrass and how I got fascinated by these tiny microorganisms called Prochlorococcus.

2:30-3:30 pm: “Catch and Release” Live Performance and Improv with Shelly B. Phillips

Ms. Philips will create opportunities for interactive performance and improvisational “Catch and Release” activities exploring the wonders of seagrass.

Shelly Philips is a contemporary multi-media and performance artist, and wellness provider creating space for exploring life, through research – creativity, considerations and conversations and the art of being alive in it.

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SOWA First Friday, Dec 2nd & January 6th | 5-8 pm