Flowering Sea Plant



Discovering epiphytes on seagrass leaves is amazing! I never know if the organisms growing on the blades are mollusks, crustaceans or something else. In the image above they look like some sort of sea snail. Whats wonderful here is that the Eelgrass is actually flowering. The line of translucent semi circles are the seagrass flowers!


We were out with Boston University’s Alyssa Novak and New England Aquarium’s Live Blue volunteers planting seagrass in Conomo Point in Essex. A perfect day to learn how to plant these foundation plants. Along with our gardening efforts, we found a green sea crab. This one is male with the pointy triangular belly. My upcoming shows are all about these invasive species of European Green Crabs.

For the first time, I got to dig and catch one of these large scallops. One really has to dig fast to catch these mollusks. A terrific day out!