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Flamenco , Brenda & Steve’s Living Room, Sudbury, MA Installed 2019

“We have followed Nedret’s work and have come to appreciate her talent, passion and shared concern for protecting our environment. We recently hung Nedret’s beautiful oil painting, Flamenco , in our home. Nedret has captured the dance of sea grass and it is truly lovely. The character of the painting changes as the natural light streams into the room. The best part is watching family and friends enjoy looking at the painting and hearing their comments. No one just walks by Flamenco.”

Brenda & Steve, Sudbury, MA



Welcome to my art in homes page. Here you will find different examples of both commissioned and collected pieces in clients homes. I am very grateful for all the wonderful people I have met and worked with. Creating custom paintings and being able to contribute part of the proceeds to seagrass conservation is pretty amazing!

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Christian’s Dream Commissioned Painting Installed in South End, Boston, MA, 2018

“We first fell in love with Nedret’s work about 5 years ago, but due to a move to Europe, did not purchase a piece of art at that time.  When we moved back 2 years later, we knew we wanted a special piece of art to complete our bedroom, and we went back to Nedret’s studio, because I was still thinking about the pieces that we had looked at.  As soon as we visited her studio, both my husband and I agreed that her work really spoke to us and we wanted to have it in our house. Unfortunately, the particular pieces she had been working on when we first fell in love with her art were already sold, but we learned about the possibility to commission work.  At the same time we were looking for a very special anniversary present for my husband’s parents, so we decided to commission 2 pieces.  The process was great for both pieces.  For the piece for our in-laws, we were able to send pictures via email and skype, and Nedret was able to create a beautiful canvas which now hangs in their home in Miami.  It was such a special gift not just to give them art, but to allow them to be part of the process.  To create our art, Nedret got to know our family well, and she even came to our house on several occasions, to get an idea of the light and space.  Not only did this connection allow for the art to be perfectly customized to our own style and space, but it was so special to get to know the artist and her work so well that it makes me love the piece even more.  Every time that someone comes to visit our house and notices the painting, I love to tell about the story behind the art and the artist.  I can’t say enough positive things about working with Nedret.  We feel so incredibly happy with our decision to have commissioned a piece from her.” 


Ashleigh & Anthony, South End, Boston, MA, 2019


Deb’s Living Room Chasing Green Installed in Salem, MA 2019

“I had fallen in love with another painting in the beginning , but once “Chasing Green” was placed on the mantel over the fireplace it was just meant to hang there. I never tire of watching the colors change with the passing hours and have my first coffee of the day gazing at this beautiful painting.”

Deb, Salem, MA, 2019


Maya & Jhona’s Dining Room, Reaching, Oil on Canvas, 64”x 54”, 2016 installed in Jamaica Plain, MA, 2019


Ozzy’s Living Room, Oysters, Floating, Shore, Mixed Media on Paper,  installed in Somerville, MA, 2019

KJ Commission, Oil on Canvas, 25”x 55”, Andover, MA, 2017

KJ Commission, Oil on Canvas, 25”x 55”, Andover, MA, 2017

“We feel so lucky to have happened upon Nedret and her studio. Her easy -going way, amazing eye and beautiful paintings made us decide to commission a painting rather than buy something already created. We are thrilled that we did! From start to finish the process was easy, fun, and exciting! Nedret made multiple trips to our home to make sure we were entirely satisfied each step of the way; from studies, to mid-way check-ins – including modifications, to helping us install the final product. She has no ‘ego’; all she wants is to make sure we love our painting. We do!!”

Karen S., Andover, MA, 2017

the commissions process:

For me, the commission process is a fun collaboration between the clients and myself. I love the challenge of being able to transform my client’s ideas and vision into a tangible real life painting. It gives me great joy to create paintings that everyone is excited about!

Please contact me at for brainstorming some ideas.

the process

1. the idea

Clients Doreen and Elliot start the process with an idea/image/ color of what they would like. Each collaboration is different. With “Elliot’s Shoreline” my clients had sample swatches and loved the small painting I had made below (on the left):

seagrass IMG_4846 (1)

2. the sketches:

From both the image and color swatches I created small scale studies for the clients to choose from:

Cool hues, warm hues and tonal colors



The clients picked this study with tonal hues on the right

3. building, stretching and the beginnings & mid-way check in

Love to use my mitering saw to create what ever sized painting I want! Here I made an internal frame of 46″x 60″ and stretched canvas over it. After a couple of coats of primer and sanding, I got started on the painting.

Half way through the painting process I invite clients to the studio for feedback. Input from clients help ensure a painting that everyone is super excited about. We started off with colors swatches and a flat abstract image, we ended up with an abstracted city and a reflection.

Elliot’s Shoreline, Oil on Canvas, 46″ x 60″, Doreen and Elliot’s Commission, Installed in Connecticut, CT, 2016



Elliot’s Shoreline, Oil on Canvas, 46″ x 60″, Doreen and Elliot’s Commission, Installed in Connecticut, CT, 2016

“I wanted to thank you again for working closely with us in creating a unique work of art based on your original design. We simply love ‘Elliot’s Shoreline.’ You are a very talented artist and we appreciated the time and attention you devoted to this project.”

Doreen Z., CT, 2016


Tom’s Installation, Brookline, MA, 2019

Challenging yet fun project for Brookline based clients! Two of the works on paper were created up in ME in Bass Harbor summer 2019.  Tom wanted me to create a third commission.


The Process

Tom liked a mini painting I had hanging around the we based the commission piece on this small painting. I started the commission off with a similar greenish version close to the original mini painting. Then I had to weave elements from the other two paintings.. so went lighter and bluer, with many layers glazing and then topped it off with texture and darks so they all look related:)  I am thrilled they love the pieces all together!


Seagrass Architecture installed in Alina & Anya’s home, Cambridge, MA, 2018


Seagrass Architecture, Mixed Meida on Paper, 25″x 33″, 2017


Mollusks at Low Tide installed in Ball Ground, GA 2018


Mollusks at Low Tide, Oil on Canvas, 36″x 60″, 2017


Blue Carbon installed in South End, Boston, MA 2018

“When I look at Blue Carbon. I immediately feel an emotional connection. I can’t quite explain it.. It transports me to the artistic under water world. It gives me a sense of gratitude and peace, and makes me feel really calm. It’s like I am going for a walk by the ocean on an uninhabited beach. Delightful and energizing.”

Mary, South End, Boston, MA, 2018

Blue Carbon, Oil on Panel, 24″x 48″, 2017


Biomas, Installed in Boston, MA 2018


Biomes, Mixed Media on Paper, 25.5″x 33″, 2017


Shoreline, Works on Paper installed in Rozane’s Home, VA, 2018


 Immersed, Oil on Canvas, 48″x 60″,  Lincoln, MA, 2017

Immersed, Oil on Canvas, 48″x 60″,  Lincoln, MA, 2017


Immersed, Oil on Canvas, 48″x 60″,  Lincoln, MA, 2017


 Future Farming, Oil on Canvas 18”x 90”, Didcott, UK, 2018

Future Farming, Oil on Canvas 18”x 90”, Didcott, UK, 2018


 Intertidal, Oil on Canvas, 50″x 68″, South End, Boston, MA, 2017

Intertidal, Oil on Canvas, 50″x 68″, South End, Boston, MA, 2017



Intertidal, Oil on Canvas, 50″x 68″, South End, Boston, MA, 2017


Miami Commission, Oil On Canvas, 30"x 30", Miami, FL, 2018

Miami Commission, Oil On Canvas, 30″x 30″, Miami, FL, 2018


Miami Commission, Oil On Canvas, 30″x 30″, Miami, FL, 2018


Intertwined II Commission

Angelique & Federico’s Commission,
  Oil on Panel, 30”x 30”,
  South Boston, MA 2018


Intertwined II, Commission, Oil on Panel, 30"x 30", 2018

Angelique & Federico’s Commission, Intertwined II,  Oil on Panel, 30″x 30″, South Boston, MA, 2018


Nick& Clare2

Nick & Clare Installation, Alexandra Palace, London, UK 2018



Becoming Ocean, Oil on Canvas, 28″x 78″, installed in Boston, MA, 2017


Blue Passage in New Home!

Blue Passage, Oil on Canvas, 26″x57.5″, Winchester, MA, 2017



Ever Shifting, Oil on Panel, 30″x30″,  Winchester, MA, 2017


Ever Shifting, Oil on Panel, 30″x30″,  Winchester, MA, 2017


Pattern over Blue Commission, Oil on Canvas, 30″x 40″, Duxbury, MA 2013

“We enjoyed how fun Nedret made the commissioning process! She’s a great listener and was able to translate the mood, atmosphere and colors we wanted into a beautiful painting. She let us see the “work in progress” to make sure it was on track. We recommend her highly!”

Deborah C., MA, 2013

Oil on Panel

Peter’s Tuscany Commission, Oil on Wood Panel, 25″x55″ Enfield, London 2006

“The inspiration for the commission came from a trip to Italy to celebrate turning 30. I approached Nedret since I loved the colors she was using in her large scale landscapes. It was a pleasure working on the whole project. She understood exactly what I wanted for my Tuscany sunset themed art work and customized everything from building the wooden panel to the exact size, to the materials used and colours. 10 years on, it is now hanging on new walls in a new home  and I get as much pleasure from it now as I did when I first saw it when Nedret shipped it to me in London. The oil colours are as vibrant as ever; it transports me back to Italy and reminds me of the wonderful time I had there. Nedret was able to capture the warm feelings of a Tuscany sunset better than I could have imagined.”

Peter A., London, UK, 2006

Sherries's Garden

Sherrie’s Garden Commission, Oil on canvas, 47″ x 36″ MA Needham, MA, 2012

“I commissioned Nedret to do a painting for our front entrance. Nedret made the space much more interesting and welcoming. She spent along time in my home, making sure that the painting would fit into my personal style.”

Sherrie N., MA, 2012

The Burges's Livingroom

Aidan’s Sunset Commission, Oil on Canvas, 30″ x 66″ Didcott,  UK 2015

“I have never had art commissioned for me before, but so glad I did. The final painting was better than I pictured it in my mind. I love the colours and tones. Hanging proudly in my living room it brings a calming tranquil ambience”

Aidan B., UK, 2014

Deb's Living Room

Harbor View Commission, Oil on Wooden Panel, 22″x48″, Salem,  MA, 2007

“I enjoy the beautiful changing colors that the paintings give off at the various times of day and I never get tired of the amazing variety of painting styles you are able to produce.”

Debbie G., MA, 2007

Carbon Capture, Oil on Canvas, 60”x 48”, Lexington Ave, Manhattan, NY 2017


"Forever Flowing", Oil on Canvas, 36"x 60", 2015

Forever Flowing Commission, Oil on Canvas, 36″x 60″ Quincy, MA, 2015

“The painting looks great in our home, we are so happy!”

Louise C., MA, 2015

Frank’s Jamaica, Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 76″, 2016

Frank’s Jamaica Commission, Oil on Canvas, 36″ x 76″ Dedham, MA,  2016

K&J’s Into the Night Commission, 2019
Olivia & Ethan’s Installation of Digital Prints, Back Bay, Boston, MA 2019
Sally’s Office, Oysters installed Boston, MA 2019
I purchased “Oysters” a couple of weeks ago! I finally found the chance to put up the painting in my bedroom this weekend. It looks fantastic and I love it!!

The commission process is fun and easy, contact me at for brainstorming some ideas!