Residential Commissions

Katama Bay, Oil on Canvas, 78″x 52″, 2023, Wellesley, MA, 2023

I love working on custom commissions with clients! First we brainstorm ideas and sizes, then I create a few studies, once that is selected I custom build and stretch the canvas that suits the clients needs. There is a mid-way meeting and where clients have direct input on the direction of the composition. From there on it takes about a month to complete. The process is easy and fun and usually takes about two months to create depending on the size. Below are unique examples of projects custom made for each clients space. For a detailed description and ideas for commissions please email me at to receive your “Art In Homes” PDF.

Between Dusk and Dawn, Oil on Canvas, Diptych, 48″x 96″, Winchester, MA, 2022

For a mini video of the installation day in it’s new home click InstallationDay

When we wondered through SOWA one afternoon this Spring we were drawn to Nedret’s art studio. We loved the colors, the movement, and the textures of her paintings. As we talked to Nedret about seagrass and her conservation work we knew we had to commission something for our home. Nedret was easy to work with and really wanted the piece to be perfect for us. Our decision to commission these paintings has made our living room our favorite space. We couldn’t be happier.

Celeste & Alex, Winchester, MA, 2022


Parrotfish, Seaport, Boston, MA, 2021


Parrotfish, Oil on Canvas, 54″x 72″, 2021, Boston, MA


Parrotfish, Oil on Canvas, 54″x 72″, 2021, Seaport Installation, Boston, MA

Working with Nedret on our commission was a true pleasure. She was incredibly accommodating to our hopes regarding themes colors, and expression in the commissioned work while staying true to her artistic vision as well. We strongly recommend working with Nedret.

Jill & Brian, Boston, 2021

Desiring Seagrass, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2020


Desiring Seagrass, Oil on Canvas, 48″x60″, 2020


Desiring Seagrass, Oil on Canvas, 48″x 60″, 2021 Cincinnati

I love enjoying my desiring seagrass with various different flower arrangements. It’s neat how the various flowers bring out the different colors in the piece!

Julie, Cincinnati, 2021

Iridescence, Philadelphia, 2022


Iridescence, 30″x 60″,Oil on Canvas, 2022

And your beautiful art looks great on our wall!  We loved working with you. Thank you again!

Lori and Jon

Seagrass City, Newton, MA, 2021

Lori and Jon


Seagrass City, Oil on Canvas, 30″x60″, 2021


Seagrass City, Oil on Canvas, 30″x 60″, 2021, Newton MA

Between Tides, Newburyport, MA, 2021


Between Tides, Oil on Canvas, 30″x 60″, 2021, Newburyport, MA 2021


Between Tides commission based on Intertidal, Oil on Canvas, 30″x 60″, 2021, Newbury, MA

We don’t remember where we first saw Nedret’s work, but we do remember that we were immediately taken by it. Her use of colors, texture and movement made an instant impact on us. 

From the moment we contacted Nedret to the day in which she delivered our piece to us, Nedret was welcoming of us and our ideas, consistently sharing of her own thoughts when we asked for help, and dedicated to providing us the best experience and result possible. 

We have had the good fortune to be able to commission other pieces in the past from other artists and are always cautious about doing so. We find there is always some anxiety about how a piece will turn out, not knowing if it will ultimately achieve the vision/expectations we have. Nedret’s methods and engagement throughout the commission assuaged any lingering doubts we had about this, and we never worried about the end result. 

It was a pleasure to meet and work with Nedret, who in the end created a truly wonderful piece that makes us smile everyday when we see it in our home. 

Alex & Meghan, Newburyport, MA, 2021

Resilient Boston II, South End, Boston, MA, 2021


“Resilient Boston Commission” is a 36”x 48”” Oil on Canvas, 2021 


Resilient Boston Commission, Installed in South End, Boston, 2021

“Nedret was great to work with. She guided us through the process, finding a way to bring to life our incoherent ideas, turning them into a painting that was better than we could have imagined.”

Lee & Christy, South End, Boston, MA 2021

Reflection, Marblehead, MA, 2021


Allyson & Dan’s Commission, Oil on Canvas, 36″x 60″, 2021

We had a wonderful experience working with Nedret. She was very patient when it became clear that Allyson and I had differing views on our vision for the painting. But…. we got there and the end result was spectacular. Nedret is fun to work with and terrifically talented.

Allyson Preston and Dan St. George

Flamenco II, Needham Heights, MA, 2021


Flamenco II, Oil on Canvas, 48″x 48″, 2021

Ameilia’s Island, Milton, MA, 2021


Amelia’s Island, Oil on Canvas, 35″x 27″, 2020

I stumbled upon Nedret’s artwork one day on social media and I’m so happy I did! The colors and movements captured in her pieces are beautiful. And when you meet Nedret in person, learn how passionate she is about seagrass, and that a portion of the commission is donated to ocean awareness and eelgrass conservation efforts, I loved her work even more. 

Amy, Milton, MA, 2021

Juno’s Beach, South Boston, MA, 2019


Juno’s Beach, Commission, Oil on Canvas, 36″x 72″, 2019, South Boston, Installation, 2019


Juno’s Beach, Commission, Oil on Canvas, 36″x 72″, 2019, South Boston, Installation, 2019

“We loved working with Nedret and could not be more excited to welcome Juno’s Beach into our home.  It’s perfect!  We came across Nedret’s work when visiting her SOWA studio.  We fell in love with her work, and knew we wanted one of her pieces for our home, but none of the pieces in her studio were quite the right size for the wall we had picked out.  We decided to commission a piece and are thrilled we did.  Not only did we end up with a beautiful piece, but we had the opportunity to get to know Nedret and share many stories and some good laughs.  She welcomed us into her studio and came to our home – it was truly a collaborative and personal process.  Nedret’s work is special – the colors are vivid and lively, but the pieces instill a sense of calm and peacefulness.  We are thoroughly enjoying Juno’s Beach and feel honored to be displaying it in our home.” 

Gisselle & Brian, South Boston, MA, 2018

Into the Night II, Back Bay, Boston, MA, 2019


Into The Night, Works on Paper, 33”x 25.5” 

Flamenco on Paper, Arlington, MA, 2019

I have worked on custom projects since 2003. If you’d like to see examples of previous work, feel free to email me. The commission process is fun and easy and on average takes up to two months to complete. Depending on my exhibition schedules, I try to work on only 6 commissions a year. Please contact me at for brainstorming some ideas!