Glisten – Virtual Exhibition


Glisten, Virtual Exhibition hosted by 26th Boston Turkish Arts and Culture Festival Please join Mass. Bays ecologist Jill Carr and my self for our art and science talk about seagrass with my virtual “Glisten” exhibition hosted by Boston Turkish Arts and Culture festival. December 4th at 2PM The exhibition includes new abstract paintings that explore seagrass habitats. Glisten relates to how light is the main source of energy for all living organisms. I am inspired by how we are all connected through sun light and how seagrass, a submerged green plant, uses light to make food and oxygen. For over six years I have painted abstracted seagrass meadows, and volunteered on seagrass restoration projects on the East Coast. My friendships with marine scientists including Jill Carr have inspired my painting practice. I am thrilled to be asked to included in this years Turkish Arts and Culture Festival. Boston Turkish Festival, which was founded in 1996, is a unique festival which lasts more than a month and it is one of the largest of its kind in the U.S. The festival theme since 2006, “Colors of Anatolia”, reflects the cultural diversity and richness, ranging from fine arts, dance, music, film to culinary arts. Once again, we are proud to present to you another high caliber festival. For over a decade, Jill Carr has focused on on mapping and monitoring of seagrass habitats with state fisheries and coastal management agencies. As the Coastal Data Scientist at the Massachusetts Bays National Estuary Partnership, she builds partnerships with community-based groups interested in environmental monitoring, and helps build their capacity to collect high quality data. Please join Jill Carr and my self for an artistic and scientific interpretation of current seagrass habitats in our virtual discussion. Jill Carr will share her knowledge on seagrass ecology and mapping techniques with a focus on the use of satellites, airplanes, drones and sonar to locate and monitor eelgrass. She will share imagery from under water and from the sky, bringing to light the beauty and challenges around this important marine habitat. I will discuss how mark making and color is infused by the direct connection with volunteering in the field with the scientists.