Harvesting in August



It’s amazing how like terrestrial plants seagrass changes over the summer. With the warming water a lot more stuff has surrounded the seagrass; more epiphytes and algae on the plant.  The blue green has also changed to more faded green. When we harvested and pulled the  seagrass, the length was also a lot longer. Many  little live animals latched onto the seagrass like tunicates. We had to clean these epiphytes off  before placing the seagrass in the icebox for replanting.


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Yet another beautiful morning with the Novak lab team. This time they were helping me brainstorm ideas for my November show. Very creative group..they liked the name “Immersed” for my November show. When I told them that I needed actionable easy to do ideas on how help reduce algae blooms, they had an insightful action plan:

* reduce fertilizer use switch to organic methods

* support local farmers that use good agricultural practices ( avoid large agricultural products that use tones of nitrates)

*convert lawns to wild flower gardens with native plants

*drive less, walk, bike or take public transport for less CO2 in our atmosphere

* stay away from all plastics including water bottles, even straws at restaurants

*potato chips has a lot of packaging, switch to fruits(thanks Chris)

*pick up trash where ever you find them, they all end up in the ocean

*recycle: Look at specific items your town recycles, they often will accept more than you think!  Remember to bring reusable bags with you when shopping

* reduce the amount of meat you eat (go veggie one day a week!) Eating meat increases our nitrate footprint.

* be mindful of energy use less electricity, gas, etc.

*reduce manufacturing: opt for low manufacturing options, use less production energy and has lower c02s: donate old clothes/ buy second hand/ bring your mug to the coffee shop.

Wow, these guys rock..would never think about consumer choices in such thoughtful ways: Love it!!!
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