Heading to the Hamptons in June!


Art & Artisan Fair at the Southampton History Museum

17 Meeting House Lane, Southampton, NY 11968
(631) 283-2494


Studio 224 – Work in Progress!

Early this spring,  I received an invitation to participate in South Hampton History Museum’s Art Fair.  I remembered my fun experience last time I was in the Hamptons in 2018. I bumped into J Lo as I was coming out of the Ice cream shop, she cruised through the streets with her entourage of people – A Rod, kids and bodyguards. I loved Dan Flavin installation at Dia Bridgehampton. The location is perfect to show how light can create such amazing effects in architectural spaces. I also loved Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner’s summer home. Walking on his studio floor was almost like walking on one of his paintings, all those splatters!

So now at Studio 224 I am busily preparing for this two day pop- up that will highlight my new work. In Boston, I  have kind of been in a Hermit buckled down working and having fun experimenting. I am excited with some of my new discoveries I have made- Like this City has an unusual spatial dimension that I have not explored before. The layers appear almost semi- transparent. Man- made and organic patterns coincide as the layers create some sort of strange depth. I was returning to this idea of how seagrass functions almost like a city. It provide so many ecosystem benefits from carbon storage to having symbiotic relationships with epiphytes,  snails, fish a whole sleuth of creatures. Some come for protection, others food, and to the naked eye it’s almost invisible. The movement of vertebrates and invertebrates within the seagrass beds are fascinating. “City” Captures this almost hap- hazard symphony of sounds. 

City, Oil on Canvas, 36”x 18”, 2021

In addition to these pieces I will also bring some of my works on paper where I explore,  color movement, and mark- making in my abstracted seagrass habitats. These smaller pieces are also available on my shop, click here to view the shop.