Hope for the Future


How younger generations are planning to save our oceans!

Sometimes inspiration comes from small and unexpected places. For example I got a very interesting call from one of my nephews Ediz last week. His family had come to visit me a few years back when he was 5 and we collected hermit crabs together. It was fantastic, the boys loved the beaches as much as I did. We were so happy we found actual seagrass washed ashore in Duxbury, MA. We collected seagrass together with other ocean treasures( crab leg, mollusks and who knows what). It was a perfect day for all of us!

More recently, on this special wintery day in England, Ediz had a school project based on our oceans and he knew exactly which aunt to call.

“We are doing a school project on how to help the oceans, what ideas do you have?” He asked, I turned it around, “What do you know already?”

“We can plant seagrass!” He exclaimed in joy:) “Yes” I responded.

He hesitated and said, “but I have to tell you something thats sad”. He looked at me through the phone’s screen and said “Turtles are dying “in a very sad voice.

“What is happening to them” I asked. “They get wrapped in plastic, or lines, and all the pollution..” He knows I love turtles..”Yes that is sad..It will take new generation like your to clean up our oceans and bring back the turtle poppulation!” “Maybe you can design a new robot, or something to help clean the oceans!”.. and so we started our interview..He wanted to know why how and what was happening with our oceans..I tried to explain Fossil Fuels, Carbon Dioxide levels, PH levels with ocean acidification how we are polluting the oceans…then I stopped and looked at him..oo00oppps he is only 8! So I told him we can reduce our Carbon footprint, ride bikes to work, if we have to have cars, have electric plug ins, get rid of plastic everything..He smiled at all the the ideas. Here is his beautiful collage:

This made my day, hope for the future of our oceans!

After speaking with Ediz, I looked around and also found these great links


Reducing our plastic use at home is defiantly a start. 100, 000 Maine mammals are killed every year. Humans are eating plastic bellied fish and getting sick in contaminated waters.


This site has also hopeful technologies and engineering that will help clean up our oceans!