“Ocean Life”Opening Reception at Art Square Gallery


Copley Square Hotel, Boston, June 13th, 2019

I am thrilled to be invited to be the solo artist for Copley Square Hotel’s Summer Series at Art Square Gallery! My “Ocean Life” art opening was with guest speaker Marine Fisheries Biologist Tay Evans giving a wonderful presentation on Eelgrass restoration in Boston Harbor.

Tay Evans spoke about the importance of seagrass for being a nursery for many different fish including Flounder, Skate, and Pollock. Aside from helping shore erosion, eelgrass also plays an important role in Carbon Storage. In her presentation she included arial and sonar maps of eelgrass in south and north sides of the harbor. Ms. Evans spoke of the success story of Boston Harbor’s seagrass returning to the bay. The main reason being the the new Waste Management system moving sewage 9 miles out of Boston. This in return resulted in less nutrient overload and due to cleaner water the return of Eelgrass.

Tay also spoke of the work being done in labs and out in the field in the boats. We also had wonderful footage of her scuba dives in Boston Harbor. Her take home message was that individuals can make a difference by getting involved. Great questions from the guests with lots of good laughs, a perfect evening!