My abstract oils on canvas can be viewed in three collections. Those that have direct links to science, those that are about the wide diversity of life found in seagrass meadows, and the exploration of water. Please click on the three different collections to see more work.

Ecology: Here is a selection of paintings that references the biology and science of seagrass Meadows. Carbon Capture depicts seagrass’s ability to both capture and store carbon. Reaching is about the importance of clean water for seagrass to photosynthesis, the abstracted blades are reaching for light. Fifty 

Marine Life: Here abstractions of different animals are seen. Some are playful seahorses, others are crabs, manatees and even slugs that call the eelgrass beds home. 

Ocean Collection: This series of oil paintings depict how the ocean can be viewed. Sometimes the paintings are an arial view of the water such as Mapping Seagrass. Other times the viewer is invited underwater to experience the beauty of the sand and sediment and the abstract seagrass landscape beneath the