Phil Colarusso & the Sierra Club


Revitalizing Ecosystems in Greater Boston to Survive Climate Change

Mass Sierra Club, Harvard, March 31st, 2018


Phil Colarusso highlighting some of the potential threats and the important services that #eelgrass provides at Mass Sierra Club​ meeting.  From being home to many species to helping with storm reduction this plant offered amazing benefits.The wonderful talk highlighted the success story of eelgrass beds reemerging after the Boston harbor clean up project. Moving the waste water system to Dear Island was one of Phil Colarusso’s projects at the EPA. Seagrass needs clean water and light to survive. Before the cleanup there were no signs of eelgrass – the water was too polluted. Today the clean water is bringing more seagrass back to our coastal shores. However since the plant is very sensitive individually the run offs from our back yard fertilizers, nitrates in the atmosphere (using our cars), wastewater from septic tanks in storms, still impact our shores. Take home message: driving less( less CO2 in atmosphere), Eat local(CO2 from agricultural production), get involved, volunteer..Email me if anyone is interested in volunteering.

Also it was great to hear Anamarija Frankić, from  Green Harbors Project® & Biomimicry LivingLabs®

Founder, Biomimicry New England   talk about Oysters and there role in rebooting coastal systems. Loved hearing her vision on having more interactive solutions outdoors for eduction and involvement. Great vision!