Rhythms in Nature at Stetson Gallery


Solo Show, September 4- October 15th, 2019

Opening Reception: 

Sunday September 8th, 2019, 12:00AM- 2:00PM

Please join us at Stetson Gallery for Rhythms in Nature, a series of new abstract paintings that explore how patterns found in eelgrass meadows can be interpreted into abstract motifs. Volunteering with eelgrass conservation groups in Massachusetts has expanded my understanding of the importance of seagrass habitats. I am very excited to announce BU marine scientist, Dr. Alyssa Novak will share her eelgrass research and restoration efforts she conducts in the North Shore at the opening reception.

“I’m interested in depicting the sensations of light and color that I experience when I am out in seagrass meadows. There are multiple layers of movements all happening at the same time, just beautiful orchestrated synchronicity.”

In “Harvest Moon”for example, I paint the warm glowing reflection of an orange moon on the surface of the water. Muted grays mingle with specs of vibrant blues while a warm golden undertone hovers just beneath the surface. The space is infused by a mysterious orange glow. Small rhythmic charcoal marks weave throughout the painting and dabs of magenta pinks bounce off of the seagrass blades. Almost like an orchestra there are many micro movements culminating in the experience of the whole.


Stetson Gallery

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Stetson Gallery