Seagrass: The Untold Story Exhibition


“Seagrass: The Untold Story” hosted by BioMed Realty

31 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

November 18, 6:00PM

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BioMed Realty is pleased to present Seagrass: The Untold Story, an evening of art, science, an examination of Boston’s ecological history, and the unveiling of “Sustaining Life,” the art installation by artist Nedret Andre on view and open to the public at 321 Harrison Ave, Boston at 6:00PM, November 18th, 2021. Nedret will be joined by marine biologist Phil Colarusso for an inspiring and informative presentation that sheds light on seagrass’s critical role in our coastal shorelines.

Marine Biologist Phil Colarusso will discuss the vital role seagrass plays in keeping our shorelines healthy and protected from storms surges. He will also highlight the historical boundaries of seagrass meadows as they have shape-shifted through the last hundred years. Phil received a Ph.D. from Northeastern University studying carbon metabolism of eelgrass and has worked at the US EPA for over 32 years as a marine biologist. As a US EPA certified Scientific Diver and Divemaster, he serves as the alternate Unit Dive Officer for the Region I dive team. Having spent over 600 hours underwater in seagrass meadows, his current research focuses on carbon sequestration by eelgrass and using high-resolution satellite imagery to estimate seagrass abundance. Phil was awarded a Gulf of Maine Visionary award in 2014 for his work in seagrass conservation. The event will take place in the lobby of 321 Harrison Ave, Boston at 6:00PM, November 18th. Wine and hors d’oeuvre will follow the discussion along with music from Kendall Square Orchestra .

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Seagrass, HarborPark Exhibit John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse October 1 – December 15, 2021